Connected Smart Home: Keeping Your Clients Safe and Secure

by User Not Found | Dec 30, 2015
The “Smart Home” is not an idea of the future; it’s here now. Homeowners are already able to control thermostats, security systems, open their garage doors and more from their Internet-connected devices. The benefits of these technologies are truly changing how we live and interact with our homes. Yet, as a Realtor® it’s important to understand how to protect your clients’ privacy and security when the property being transferred is a smart home.

When a home is transferred, good Realtors® recommend changing the locks as you have no idea if there are any spare keys out of the new owner’s control. This is the same type of advice you should offer with smart homes. The only difference is there can be numerous systems and devices that are included in the transfer of the home that can be controlled via the Internet. 

To help you better counsel your clients, the National Association of REALTORS® Center for Real Estate Technology partnered with the Online Trust Alliance to create The Smart Home Checklist. This document not only helps you take an inventory of the connected technologies in the home, but also what steps you need to take to ensure the connections are transferred and secured for the new owners.

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