Listing Videos: Know Your Options

by Deb Agliano | Jun 30, 2015
Today’s tech savvy clients demand a true walk through video. However, the fastest way to turn off a prospective buyer is to invite them to watch a video of your listing and then show them the same static photos they’ve already seen just set to music. Real estate listings with videos, receive 403% more inquiries than listings without videos but it can be hard to know where to start. Check out the three basic options for shooting video below and use the one that best suits your needs.
Do It Yourself:

The least expensive way to do a listing video is to take videos of your listing and then  edit them together using either Windows Movie Maker (free download with Windows Essentials) or iMovie for Mac (free) or you can use YouTube’s online video editor (although it’s not as robust).

If you have an iPhone 6, then you can use the Hyperlapse app (free) which, combined with the image stabilizers in your iPhone 6, can give you nice steady shots but then you’ll still have to edit the clips together in another program.

Pros: Free.
Cons: Time consuming. If you don’t take your videos with a tripod or if your camera doesn’t have good image stabilization software, viewers might need to take Dramamine just to watch it.

Hybrid Model:

Videolicious (iPhone/iPad only) takes you step-bystep through selecting existing video
clips and editing them together and adding in a voice over and/or music. The app is free for personal use and $60/year for business purposes. If you pay for a business account, you’ll have many royalty free music choices. This is important because YouTube will take down your video if you use copyrighted music (not to mention that you could be sued!).

HDHat is the only real estatespecific video editing company I have found that will take your raw video clips, stabilize them, edit them together and add royalty free music and/or narration. They give you both a branded and unbranded version to use with MLS ($29.95).

Fiverr is a website where people offer to do lots of different things starting for $5. Just do a search for video editing and you’ll find people who will edit your clips together for you.

Pros: Less time consuming than fully editing yourself.
Cons: Depending on your clips and the service you use to edit them together, your finished video can either look close to a video taken by a professional or not.

Professional Videography:

Pros: Great looking, steady video. You only have to open the door.
Cons: Quality Control - depending on who you work with and how extensive the video shoot is, you can be looking at anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

No matter which way you choose, adding video marketing will help attract more sellers to you and have buyers more engaged with your listings.