What Makes a Good Password Manager?

by David Conroy | Feb 27, 2015

Long gone are the days where a suitable password manager was an encrypted file on your desktop, or a few pages of your credentials printed out and stored in your briefcase. In 2015, the best solutions include not only online storage and device synchronization, but also password auditing and alerts when a service you use has been hacked or your information compromised. When it comes to choosing the best solution for you, we recommend you look for not only the features available, but also help and support offered. Here are our top recommendations for REALTORS®:

1. https://lastpass.com/

Last Pass – One of the first products in this space that combined an easy way to synchronize passwords among multiple devices with an easy-to-use interface. Their premium version includes unlimited use with mobile apps for only $12 a year. What makes Last Pass stand apart from the other products on this list is their Enterprise Edition (in use by over 10,000 companies), allowing business owners to manage employee’s credentials through a single tool, even displaying security scores for the entire company and each employee.

2. https://agilebits.com/onepassword

1Password – Has many of the same features as Last Pass, but has a much friendlier user interface, including support for TouchID on iOS. 1Password also allows you to set rules to the automatic password creation so that your passwords are still customized to your needs. Additionally, there is also a set up for an Emergency password, and it supports TouchID on iOS. Premium version can be bought for a one-time fee of $50.

3. http://keepass.info/

KeePass – Completely free with no premium up charges, it has 100% open source so users can look at the full source code and verify encryption is being used correctly. All passwords are stored in a database on your own system, and are never synchronized and uploaded anywhere unless you want to move them to another computer/device. There are other good services out there as well, but the important thing is to take password security and management seriously.