Involvement with NAR Can Help Agent Recruitment and Retention

by Leigh Brown, broker-Owner RE/MAX Executive Realty | Feb 27, 2015

Ask any real estate broker what the two top priorities are in running a successful office, and the answer is (all together now):

1. Recruitment; and
2. Retention

It isn’t just agents looking for a silver bullet to make business explode immediately with all manner of good things – brokers do it as well.

Many have opened their businesses fully expecting agents to beat the doors down, ready to fork over their commission dollars just because. When that doesn’t happen, the quest for answers begins.

Have you, as a broker, considered how involvement in NAR can help with both of these priorities? Let me get your excuses out of the way for you:

“I’m too busy.”


That is untrue. Log your hours spent and find the fat that you can cut. The tools are there to keep you advised easily – the REALTOR® Action Center app, for one. You can forward calls to action to your agents, BOOM. Forward current stats and outlook from Lawrence Yun, BOOM. Why does this help with recruiting and retention? Many agents WANT to be educated, but they don’t know where to start. Be their resource so they can provide the best and most current market data to their clients and prospects. Agents’ time is at a premium too – so spend your time saving theirs.

“I don’t see the value of NAR.”

There is a great list of the 50 top things your get from your NAR membership ( Not only are you benefitting as a broker, but when you help agents find out what their money is providing, you just helped them save money and time themselves.

“I don’t get involved in politics.”

Hello? You ARE involved in politics when you are a real estate broker. Property rights for residential, commercial and investment are being debated every single day. Just because you find the system distasteful does not excuse you from action. Work inside your community to find out what is on various agendas, and help your agents know what is on the table (which includes them, it seems many entities want to eat us for breakfast, lunch, and supper right now).

Join the Broker Involvement Council and be a part of the solution for all of us. I can’t speak for everyone, but for myself, I would much rather be aligned with someone who is active and fighting the good fight instead of sitting back like Mr. Crabs just counting his money (*that is a SpongeBob reference, for those of you without current kids/grandkids).