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Association "GPS"

by Rita Coffey | Jun 27, 2018
Have you ever thought about what drives the Association to do what it does? How decisions are made to oppose certain types of legislation or to provide benefits like free online forms? While there is a governance structure and process in place, what drives the Association in any direction is the strategic plan. I like to think of this plan as "GPS" for our Association.
Each year, the Executive Committee, along with the professional staff, review the plan to make sure we’re on track and meeting our goals. When there are market shifts regulatory, or technological changes that impact you or MAR, then we make necessary tweaks. Every three years we do a complete strategic plan rewrite. Whether that leads to minor changes or a full re-write, the strategic plan is always approved by the MAR Board of Directors.
When you put a strategic plan together, it generally includes three components: A mission statement, vision statement, and strategic goals. Let’s take a look at our 2017-2019 strategic plan so you have a better understanding of what MAR is focused on doing.
Our mission statement describes what our Association’s business is and why we do what we do.

“To advance Realtor® professionalism and member success; and be the leading advocate of private property
rights and the real estate industry throughout Massachusetts.”
Our strategic plan’s vision statement describes where we want to see MAR in the future.
“The Massachusetts Association of Realtors® is the industry advocate and resource for real estate professionals.”
Once we’ve defined what our mission and vision are, then we set out to determine what strategic goals will get us there. For this plan, we determined that there are five strategic goals.

Advocacy/Government Relations – Advocate for public policies that support and enhance the real estate industry and private property rights. 

Consumer Outreach – Promote the value of Realtors® as an essential part of the real estate process and their communities.

Effective Governance/Support – Support an organizational structure that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of our members and our local associations.

Professionalism/Ethics –  Advance adherence to the Code of Ethics and cultivate professionalism among Realtors® and the real estate industry.

Relevance/Member Value – Deliver education, resources, and services that increase the value of Realtor® membership.

The process isn’t done once the strategic goals are created. We then determine what the components of each goal are. For example, under Consumer Outreach, one of our objectives is to “support and enhance effective media relations.” To achieve that objective, volunteer leaders on MAR committees work on programs to achieve the objectives.
By developing innovative ideas on programs and services, MAR is better positioned to meet its objectives and service you, the member.

Hopefully after reading this, you have a better understanding of what our Association “GPS” is and how it works. Sometimes construction and traffic delays force you to take an alternate route, but, without our strategic
plan, that alternate route might not take you to your desired location.