GRI 202: Building a Foundation

  • Dates: 08 – 27 Nov, 2018

GRI 202: Building a Foundation
Dates: November 8 & November 27, 2018
8:00am-5:30pm/ 8:00am-4:30pm
Where: 333 Wyman Street #200 Waltham, MA
Price: $250

*If you have obtained your GRI designation, you can retake the courses for half price. Call 781-839-5506 for more information.

Learn to
  • Distinguish different architecture
  • Differentiate types of condos/co-ops/timeshares
  • Understand zoning and building codes
  • Familiarize your clients with smart growth and green awareness
Overview: GRI 202 covers the basics of historic architecture preservation rules and guidelines. Students learn how to differentiate types of homes from post medieval to modern. Students also learn the bylaws, annual budgets, assessment issues, insurance issues, and taxes regarding condos. The course addresses requirements by lenders as well how appraisers can utilize data to meet these regulations. GRI 202 also covers the basic elements of residential construction to assist landowners, builders and developers through an understanding of the subdivision approval process.

Note: This is a TWO-Day Course. GRI courses can be taken in an order.

Check out the full schedule and more by visiting the GRI website.